CIS Coach’s Top 10 Comments

CIS Coach’s Top 10 release earlier today (see below)…

I continue to believe that the CIS Top 10 coaches poll discounts/ignores? pre-season play and thus rankings do not entirely reflect the entire body of work to the extent they should – look no further than #1 ranked Ottawa which lost at home to #3 McGill – a home loss to a team that has lost only one other game:  at #5 Ryerson in their third game in 48 hours vs. a fresh Rams team.  Home losses/road wins in my opinion should be more impactful (see also below for Mac comments).  McGill should be #1 and I’ve placed them there in my ranking.

Coaches gave McMaster plenty of leeway at #7 in my opinion, despite three home losses thus far – although all setbacks came against teams above Marauders in the rankings:   #3 McGill, #4 Brock and #5 Ryerson.  As mentioned, home losses count for more in my opinion and that’s why I put Mac in Honorable Mention despite two impressive road wins against un-ranked but potentially dangerous teams (Queen’s, York) this past weekend.  Marauders get Guelph at home on Saturday afternoon.

Nice to see coaches reward UPEI which is off to a nice start with four of their five wins at home, where in the past statistics show that home cooking was of benefit to the Panthers.  However, watching this weekend’s games against Cape Breton, the officiating was definitely not bias for the home squad – multiple head-scratching calls affected both teams equally.  Panthers hit the road on the weekend for a pair in Wolfville vs. Acadia.

I have the Canada West teams ranked ahead of Western and McMaster and also believe that a team like Concordia (not ranked by the coaches; #10 in my rankings) needs to be rewarded for taking on a tough pre-season schedule on the road.  Victoria did same however was not as successful in their trip to Ontario.  Vikes played 4 of their first 6 Canada West games at home and this weekend travel to Lethbridge (7-2, 5-1) for a pair.

No CIS action until Thursday night when Saskatchewan travels to Trinity Western.

Potentially most meaningful action with regard to future rankings happens in Ottawa this weekend as coaches #1 Ottawa and coaches #2 Carleton host coaches #6 Western and HM Windsor on Friday and Saturday.  Mustangs hang in the Top 10 on the heels of their impressive win at Windsor last week but I dropped them lower than the coaches did given how one-sided Western’s loss to Ryerson was.

Trying to get to the Queen’s/Laurier game – belated Happy Birthday wishes to legendary Peter Campbell go out as he turned 29 recently – and possibly down to St. Catharines where Robert Hilson and Company are putting on what promises to be a great show at the Meridian Center on Saturday night at 7 PM.  I encourage Golden Horseshoe fans to make the trip down to the Garden City for this event which likely will continue for future events.


(regular season record) / votes (first-place votes) / (previous ranking)

1. Ottawa (5-0) / 448 points (29) / (1)

2. Carleton (5-0) / 422 (8) / (2)

3. McGill (3-0) / 398 (10) / (3)

4. Brock (3-1) / 295 / (4)

5. Ryerson (4-1) / 280 / (5)

6. Western (3-2) / 207 / (6)

7. McMaster (4-2) / 157 / (9)

8. Calgary (4-2) / 156 / (7)

9. UPEI (5-0) / 57 / (NR)

10. UBC (5-1) / 55 / (NR)

Other teams receiving votes: Windsor (37), Victoria (33).


One thought on “CIS Coach’s Top 10 Comments

  1. I agree with you 100% that preseason games and location of wins and losses should play more of a factor. I wish they took more of a NCAA approach and seem to use a lot of name recognition as much as anything.
    Please continue to give your great analysis!
    Go Panthers


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