Canada West mid-(to late) season All-Stars

Someone closer to the CW scene that I has submitted a list of mid-season Canada West All-Stars – see below.  As well, Wayne Thomas’s Canada West site offered his mid-season All-Stars

Our eagle-eye contact observed that there are only five returning all-stars from last season in Canada West in Josh Wolfram (1st team), Mamadou Gueye (2nd) Denzel James (3rd), Kevon Parchment (3rd), Jonathan Tull (3rd).


“At any rate, here goes in some sort of order”:

1st Team:

Thomas Cooper, Calgary – Pretty clearly the MVP it would seem.

Josh Wolfram, TRU

Brandon Brine, Lethbridge

Kevon Parchment, UFV

Jordan Jensen-Whyte, UBC


2nd Team

Conor Morgan, UBC

Volodymyr Iegorov, TRU

Wyatt Anders, Manitoba

Mamadou Gueye, Alberta

J.Tull, Regina


3rd Team

Lars Schlueter, Calgary

Aldrich Berrios, UBCO

A.J. Basi, Manitoba

Rob Olsen, Lethbridge

Denzel Lynch-Blair, Winnipeg


Others deserving mention:

Elliott, UNBC

Clarke, Alberta

Alleyn, Manitoba

Ostertag, Saskatchewan

Sitton, UVic

Schlueter, Calgary

Layton, MRU

Pribilsky, TRU

Wagner, UBC

Galvez, MacEwan

Burdeaux, Lethbridge

Roth, UVic.


All-Freshman Team (right out of high school)

De Ciman, Saskatchewan

Bennett-Boire, Saskatchewan

Jackson, Alberta

McKoy, Calgary

W. Sesay, Winnipeg



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