Brock/Mac game re-scheduled for Meridian Center


Brock has changed the venue of their home game against arch-rival McMaster Marauders to the Meridian Center on Wednesday, February 24th.  Recall the Badgers drew over 2,800 fans to their game against Lakehead in November at the newly-built St. Catharines sports arena.  Given the opponent and the probable importance of the game, most are anticipating a sell-out crowd in the 5,000 range, which if memory serves is what the venue can hold for basketball.

Good on the Badgers to attach a higher profile to this rivalry game which involves a pair of CIS Top 10 teams and could have Wilson Cup implications.

Brock won the first game between these two teams by double digits at McMaster in the first regular season game of ’15-’16 for both teams in Hamilton.


3 thoughts on “Brock/Mac game re-scheduled for Meridian Center

  1. Sorry but you are mistaken! Mac only lost to Brock by 8 points in the first game! Score was 83-75. Making it more difficult for Mac was that Connor Gilmore rolled his ankle at tipoff and didn’t play. It was a close game anyway! Should be very competitive game on the 24th!!


  2. True enough. You are correct; although it was 10 with 5 minutes left. Should be interesting now with Gilmore back; he makes a big difference although Mac loses tonight giving up a big lead at Lakehead.


  3. Great move to reschedule this to the meridian centre. Bravo to the people who managed to do it in such short time, very smart. Brock is rolling in the hype right now with line ups outside every home game and not a seat sight. Just as the two Ottawa powerhouses do every year at the Canadian tire centre, Brock and Mac should make this a yearly event.


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