Peter Campbell Tribute Interview


I’m gonna miss this guy on the sidelines….


4 thoughts on “Peter Campbell Tribute Interview

  1. Peter is truly one of the great guys in the coaching fraternity. Always time for the fans, and not just fans of his teams but other fans as well. Good luck Peter, and best of health to you and those around you.


  2. I miss Pete , Ken Shields, Don Horwood, Bruce Enns, Ken Olynyk, Ken Murray, Joe raso, Bob Bain, Paul Armstrong, John Dore , Jacques Paiement, Olga, Ross Quackenbush, Dave Nutbrown, my old coach Steve Konchalski, I miss the old guard.. I really do!


    1. Would like to take this opportunity to wish Coach “Captain Morgan” Campbell a great retirement. We knocked heads several times over the years but I have nothing but the highest regard for Peter who personifies all the qualities of what a college coach should be. As a former Golden Hawk I was always proud to have a class guy like him running our basketball program. Good luck Pete.


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