Eligibility issue reverses OUA playoff seedings

In what is rapidly turning into a bizarre chain of events beginning with a summer NCAA vs. CIS game involving a player no longer active, we are learning that there has been a change in the OUA playoff seedings.  As of this morning, Queen’s Gaels will now be hosting U of T Varsity Blues instead of York Lions on Wednesday night, ostensibly because the Lions used 6’1″ Raheem Isaac for 9 games earlier this season before he was released from the team.  Isaac had also played in two games for Windsor in August during Lancers NCAA/CIS series vs. Indianapolis at the St. Denis Center.  By allowing Isaac to play for them after suiting up for a different OUA team in the same season, apparently by ruling, York forfeits at least the 9 games Isaac played in and as such U of T finishes third in the OUA Central.  Still no word on why Toronto will go to Queen’s:  clearly with U of T in the playoffs instead of York, RPI- calculated seedings are very likely change, throwing the entire bracket into uncertainty.  With it being Monday morning and games on Wednesday and the other 6 playoff teams already preparing for their initial opponents, OUA likely was trying to think practically in the adjusted bracket.  Hope to have more on this wild change of events later.


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