Canada West: All-Stars announced

Although major award winners were not announced, usually conferences list first the top vote getting player in the All-Star announcement.  If that indeed is the case with Canada West, it appears that 6’5″ Thomas Cooper of Calgary is the odds-on favorite to win the Canada West Player-of-the-Year and Toronto native Brody Clarke will be named Rookie-of-the-Year.

At first glance, six of the 15 all-stars named come from the Explorer Division including three from Thompson Rivers – with 4 of the 6 teams in that division having representation.  Of the 11 teams in the Pioneer, 7 teams are repped – all non-playoff teams (Saskatchewan, Victoria, Brandon and Trinity Western) did not have a player named.

Very glad to see coaches recognize how important Keith Omoerah is to Manitoba’s success despite less than resounding pure offensive numbers.  Brandon Brine at Lethbridge is also extremely deserving of a First-Team selection.

In all, 11 of the 15 All-Stars are Canadian with the U.S.A., Austrailia, Germany and Ukraine also being represented.

Calgary’s Cooper and Lars Schleuter, UBC’s Jordan Jensen-Whyte and Conor Morgan, Manitoba’s Omoerah and TRU’s Josh Wolfram, Reece Pribilsky and Volodymyr Iegorov all will appear at the Canada West Final 4 at the Jack in Calgary this coming weekend.

2015-16 Canada West Men’s Basketball First All-Star Team

Thomas Cooper / G / University of Calgary / 4th / Chattanooga, Tennessee

Kevon Parchment / G / University of the Fraser Valley / 5th / Scarborough, ON

Jordan Jensen-Whyte / G / University of British Columbia / 4th / Calgary, AB

Josh Wolfram / F / Thompson Rivers University / 5th / Kamloops, BC

Brandon Brine / F / University of Lethbridge / 5th / Adelaide, Australia

2015-16 Canada West Men’s Basketball Second All-Star Team

Mamadou Gueye / F / University of Alberta / 3rd / Quebec City, QC

Keith Omoerah / G / University of Manitoba / 3rd / Winnipeg, MB

Brett Layton / F / Mount Royal University / 1st / Calgary, AB

Jonathan Tull / G / University of Regina / 5th / Ajax, ON

Conor Morgan / G/F / University of British Columbia / 3rd / Victoria, BC


2015-16 Canada West Men’s Basketball Third All-Star Team

Reese Pribilsky / G / Thompson Rivers University / 5th / Victoria, BC

Denzel James / F / MacEwan University / 4th / Edmonton, AB

Denzel Lynch-Blair / G / University of Winnipeg / 2nd / Toronto, ON

Volodymyr Iegorov / F / Thompson Rivers University / 4th / Donetsk, Ukraine

Lars Schlueter / F / University of Calgary / 2nd / Ulm, Germany


2015-16 Canada West Men’s Basketball All-Rookie Team

Brody Clarke / F / University of Alberta / Toronto, ON

Chan De Ciman / G / University of Saskatchewan / Regina, SK

William Sesay / G / University of Winnipeg / Winnipeg, MB

Jeff Tubbs / G / Thompson Rivers University / Kelowna, BC

Taylor Browne / G / University of British Columbia / Surrey, BC

Final Four – hosted by the University of Calgary

Friday, March 11

UBC vs. Thompson Rivers / 6 PM MST / CW Final Four semifinal 1

Manitoba vs. Calgary / 8 PM MST / CW Final Four semifinal 2

Saturday, March 12

Loser semifinal 1 vs. Loser semifinal 2 / 6 PM MST / CW bronze medal game

Winner semifinal 1 vs. Winner semifinal 2 / 8 PM MST / CW championship game


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