Wellsie’s Canada West Trails

Thanks to Junkie (not sure if Mark Wacyk is a “He Who Cannot Be Named”) for the opportunity to toss in the odd Canada West essay in his extraordinarily in-depth project.

In terms of those who want to follow Canada West closely let me urge you, if you aren’t already, to become a reader of http://canadawesthoops.com/ a true labour of love from Wayne Thomas. I remember Wayne complaining some years ago as legacy media coverage of now U Sports hoops waned. I sadly informed him with the economic tsunami hitting that enterprise the trend would surely continue. Wayne decided to supply interested readers an outlet on his own.

For a winning trifecta, in addition to this blog and Wayne’s work, I heartily promote folks using Martin Timmerman’s http://cishoops.ca/mbb2016/index.php  What a plethora of data!

At any rate, back to the topic that has my attention today: Mike Raimbault’s Winnipeg Wesmen are 4-2 in the Canada West regular season. Meanwhile, range war rival Manitoba Bisons are 2-4 under the direction of Kirby Schepp. But, in terms of potential Canada West playoff seeding who really has the better start to the campaign?

You see, no two squads in the 17 team Canada West play the same slate this season. Top-12 make the playoffs, but those playoffs are seeded by RPI within the Canada West season. So strength of schedule is a massive determinate.

You might think because Winnipeg and Manitoba share the same metro area they’d have similar schedules. If so, you’d be wrong, wrong, wrong.

The loop head coaches in their infinite wisdom (and really, who better to make these picks) had Calgary 1st, UBC 2nd and Alberta 3rd in their pre-season poll. Manitoba (rated 4th) have already played at Calgary and UBC (going 1-3), with an upcoming home series this week versus Alberta. By comparison, Winnipeg (rated 6th) plays none of the projected top-3. That’s right (presuming I’ve read the schedule right, always in question): None.
Since I failed university entrance Grade 12 math the first time I won’t even try to figure out where the teams currently stand in RPI. But, I surely will be interested once the league starts listing relative RPIs in the standings “beginning in mid-December”.
Here are the standings thus far:

2016-17 CW Men’s Basketball Standings

G W-L PF PA Streak Points
Alberta 6 6-0 512 387 Won 6 12
UBC 4 4-0 324 271 Won 4 8
Winnipeg 6 4-2 470 438 Lost 1 8
Lethbridge 6 4-2 460 451 Won 1 8
Saskatchewan 6 4-2 470 395 Won 2 8
Calgary 4 3-1 381 309 Won 3 6
Mount Royal 4 3-1 343 297 Won 2 6
Regina 4 2-2 326 325 Won 1 4
UFV 4 2-2 296 297 Won 1 4
Manitoba 6 2-4 468 478 Lost 3 4
Trinity Western 6 2-4 460 501 Lost 3 4
Brandon 6 2-4 390 456 Lost 2 4
Victoria 6 2-4 451 498 Lost 1 4
MacEwan 6 2-4 469 493 Won 1 4
UNBC 6 2-4 424 487 Won 2 4
UBC Okanagan 6 1-5 426 489 Lost 5 2
Thompson Rivers 6 1-5 403 501 Lost 2 2

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