Wellsie’s Canada West Trails – First Official Canada West RPI Standings Released

No two Canada West teams have the same schedule this year. Debate on your own time. (Me, I kind of like it, but i’m not a head coach, who seem preternaturally disposed to paranoia).

After much debate, it was decided, for this season at least, the teams with the top-12 records in Canada West would make the playoffs, but those teams would be seeded in the playoffs by their Rating Percentage Index within league play.

The first official RPI update came out today.


Not surprisingly, it’s exactly same as the standings on Martin Timmerman’s amazing compendium now dubbed U Sports Hoops.


Actually, I prefer Martin’s list, since one can see both sets of standings at once.

Perhaps the one thing that sticks out to me from the official release is that CW is using a 1.2 math factor for a road win and .8 at home. If Wikipedia is right this is a lower reward for winning a road game and higher for emerging victorious at home games (they go 1.4/.6 apparently, plus 1 for a neutral court game, which is not pertinent in the CW regular season), but still a reward.

At this point I’d like to offer a mea culpa re mistakes I made in my last post here regarding perhaps the two top performers so far in the loop. UBC’s Conor Morgan is only in his 4th year of eligibility in his 5th year at UBC, including a medical redshirt. Plus, I missed out on one of Thomas Cooper stops along the way, a season at NCAA Division II Nebraska Kearney. Cooper is in his 5th year of eligibility at Calgary.

Merry Christmas!

Dave Wells

Lethbridge, Alberta



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