AUS Standings leveling out, although some churn possible

Many across the country continue to highlight the parity in AUS basketball – facts show that there is reasonable balance among the top 6 teams in the conference.  However, with two weeks remaining in the regular season, there is no mystery as to which teams will participate in the always-exciting and generally-unpredictable AUS tournament at Scotiabank Place in Halifax (always Halifax Metro Center to neanderthals like myself and some others) between 3rd and 5th March and very little intrigue as to which two will obtain first round byes.

UPEI (5-12) and CBU (0-16) have been eliminated and the only major outstanding item to determine is which two teams will gain that first-round, Friday night bye directly into the semi-finals.  In late January, we predicted that Dalhousie and UNB would capture the top two spots and fast-forward to this evening and Tigers and Varsity Reds sit #1 and #2 in the standings.  Although neither have officially clinched byes, Dalhousie has clinched at least a tie for a bye – Tigers need just one more win in their final 3 games (see more below) and one more win for UNB gives Coach Brent Baker’s team a bye (Reds host Cape Breton this coming Friday night in a four-point game in Fredericton).  The top two positions in the standings will change only if UNB (two games remaining) and Dalhousie (3 game remaining) lose all of their remaining games.

Expect Saint Mary’s to finish third, especially with a pair of games remaining against last-place Cape Breton but Acadia has a very real shot at finishing as high as 4th given Axemen have 14 points remaining.  Wins on Friday night at home vs. X and a sweep of Memorial in a pair of four point games on the final weekend of the season would thrust Acadia into fourth-place, possibly tied with Saint Mary’s but the Huskies would capture the tie-breaker, having won the season series 3-1.  That would set up Saint Mary’s vs. likely St. FX (if they sweep UNB and UPEI at home) and Acadia vs. Memorial in the first round.

But there are still several games to play to determine the first round match-ups.

AUS Standings

Dalhousie 13-4, 36 points with 8 points left:  SAINT MARY’S, ACADIA, UPEI (4)

UNB 12-6, 34 points with 6 points left:  CAPE BRETON (4), at St. FX


Saint Mary’s 11-6, 30 points with 6 points left:  at Dal, at Cape Breton (2 games)

Memorial 11-7, 28 points with 8 points left:  at Acadia (2 games x 4 points each)

St. FX 8-9, 26 points with 8 points left:  at Acadia (4), UNB, UPEI

Acadia 8-8, 22 points with 14 points left:  ST.FX (4), at Dalhousie, MEMORIAL (2 x 4 pts.)


UPEI 5-12, 12 points

Cape Breton 0-16, 0 points

(Both bottom teams eliminated)


Games this weekend:

FRIDAY:  Cape Breton at UNB (4 points), Saint Mary’s at Dalhousie, St. FX at Acadia (4 points)

SATURDAY:  Acadia at Dalhousie

SUNDAY:   Cape Breton at UPEI


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