Dinos Hall-of-Fame is ultimate deserved honor for Wayne Thomas

Most of our readers know him as the editor of CanadaWestHoops.com , the most comprehensive and accurate Canada West men’s basketball content on the web but Wayne Thomas’s contributions to university basketball in Canada go well beyond his site.  Thomas has had a 40+ year affiliation with Calgary Dinos basketball (and prior) and has been instrumental in numerous sport initiatives.  To recognize his tremendous efforts, Calgary Dinos are enshrining Wayne into their athletic Hall-of-Fame.  Congratulations to Wayne and his wonderful, loyal and passionate work.  (With a thankful hat-tip to our infamous Southern Alberta correspondent).


2 thoughts on “Dinos Hall-of-Fame is ultimate deserved honor for Wayne Thomas

  1. Thanks for the kind words Mark! You are a hard guy to keep -up with, with your ‘big picture’ coverage of the CIS. Great job this year, as always. Now everyone tries to scramble for a way to beat the Ravens.

    WT Wayne Thomas 403-282-3573 H 403-807-2027 C waynet5@shaw.ca



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