York makes a coaching change

In the wake of Darrell Glenn‘s hiring at UPEI, the U-Sport coaching carousel is in motion once again as sources indicate that York Lions administration officials communicated earlier today that Tom Oliveri will no longer be with the program.   The present core of players were advised that a nation-wide search will begin shortly to find Lions next Head Coach and Oliveri is not longer listed on Lions web site under “coaching staff” for 2017-18.

Oliveri spent over two decades as part of the Lions staff including the past 7 seasons as Head Coach and 13 seasons as Assistant to legendary Bob Bain, recruiting numerous high-end stars for the Lions including two-time All-Canadian and CIS Rookie-of-the-Year Dan Eves and another CIS Rookie-of-the-Year Tut Ruach plus numerous all-conference players.  Previous to York, Oliveri was instrumental in growing Scarborough Mother Teresa Titans into an Ontario high school power house.

The native of Toronto was always open with his thoughts with me and I wish Tom all the best going forward.

The search for a new coach should attract numerous candidates with the likelihood that several existing U-Sport head coaches and assistants will be among those exploring this position.  With the growth of Ryerson Rams as a perennial Nationals contender and the improvements at U of T, the Lions are in a very competitive environment when considering their GTA competition.


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