61 games between NCAA D1 vs. U Sports Men’s Basketball this summer: Composite Schedule (as of 17 July 17)

For 29 consecutive days beginning in early August, there will be at least one game daily between U Sports and NCAA teams either here in Canada or in two southern climate countries (Costa Rica and U.S. Virgin Islands) – in all a total of 61 games between NCAA Division 1 teams and U Sports programs.

With events in Calgary, Windsor, St. Catharines, Toronto, Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal, Lennoxville and Ste. Foy, much of the country will have access to these games that provide wonderful exposure for our programs.

Heading south are Laurentian, UBC and McGill (Costa Rica) and Carleton and Brock (U.S. Virgin Islands).  Interleaved with games in North and Central America are the FISU Games schedule in Taipei, Taiwan and the Sr. Men’s National team tournament in South America.

Another exciting summer of international basketball.

Saturday, August 5th:  Laurentian vs. Montana (Costa Rica)

Sunday, August 6th:  Towson at UQAM 3 PM (Montreal)

Monday, August 7th:  Towson at Carleton 7 PM (Ottawa); Alabama at McGill (Montreal).

Tuesday, August 8th:  Southern Methodist at McGill; Townson vs. Montreal All-Stars at Brebeuf (both games in Montreal); Laurentian vs. Western Kentucky (Costa Rica)

Wednesday, August 9th:  Towson at Laval (Ste. Foy, PQ); Alabama at Carleton (Ottawa); Binghamton at Brock (St. Catharines)

Thursday, August 10th:  Southern Methodist at Ryerson (Kerr Hall, Toronto); Towson at McGill (Montreal); Alabama at Ottawa (Ottawa); Binghamton vs. Laurier (at Brock in St. Catharines); Montana State at Calgary (Calgary); Laurentian vs. Western Kentucky (Costa Rica)

Friday, August 11th:  Jacksonville at Windsor (Windsor); Montana State vs. Alberta (at Calgary)

Saturday, August 12th:  Montana State at Calgary (Calgary); Doubleheader in Toronto:  2PM Binghamton at Ryerson & 4 PM Southern Methodist vs. Crown League All-Stars (both games at Kerr Hall, Ryerson); Laurentian vs. Kent State (Costa Rica)

Sunday, August 13th:  Jacksonville at Brock (St. Catharines); Montana State vs. Alberta (at Calgary); Binghamton vs. McMaster (Noon at Kerr Hall in Toronto)

Monday, August 14th:  Carleton vs. Vanderbilt (U.S. Virgin Islands tournament); Kent State vs. McGill (Costa Rica)

Tuesday, August 15th:  Carleton vs. Northern Colorado (U.S. Virgin Islands); Lamar vs. McGill (Costa Rica)

Wednesday, August 16th:  Brock vs. Vanderbilt (U.S. Virgin Islands); UTEP vs. McGill (Costa Rica)

Thursday, August 17th:  Carleton vs. Vanderbilt (U.S. Virgin Islands); UTEP vs. McGill (Costa Rica)

Friday, August 18th:  Carleton vs. James Madison (U.S. Virgin Islands); UBC vs. Nevada (Costa Rica)

Saturday, August 19th:  Canisius at Queen’s (Kingston); Notre Dame College (NDC- NCAA Division II) at Toronto (Toronto); UBC vs. UTEP (Costa Rica)

Sunday, August 20th:  New Hampshire at Laval (Ste. Foy); Brock vs. James Madison; Canisius vs. Bishop’s 1 PM ET (at Champlain-St. Lambert); ALSO:  Canada vs. Norway (FISU Games in Taiwan)

Monday, August 21st:  New Hampshire at Ottawa (in Montreal); Brock vs. James Madison; Canisius at Concordia (Montreal); UBC vs. Nevada (Costa Rica);  Notre Dame College (NDC – NCAA Division II) at York;  ALSO:  Canada vs. Finland (FISU Games in Taiwan)

Tuesday, August 22nd:  New Hampshire at Carleton (Ottawa); Canisius at Ottawa (Ottawa); ALSO:  Canada vs. vs. Hong Kong (FISU Games in Taiwan)

Wednesday, August 23rd:  New Hampshire at UQAM (Montreal); Canisius at Carleton (Ottawa); Northeastern at Concordia (Montreal).

Thursday, August 24th:  New Hampshire at Concordia (Montreal); ALSO:  Canada vs. Japan (FISU Games in Taiwan)

Friday, August 25th:  Northeastern at Carleton; ALSO:  vs. Germany (FISU Games in Taiwan)

Saturday, August 26th:  St. Francis Brooklyn at UQAM (Montreal); Northeastern vs. Bishop’s (at Carleton (Ottawa))

Sunday, August 27th:  St. Francis Brooklyn at Carleton (3 PM in Ottawa); ALSO:  Canada Sr. Men’s vs. U.S. Virgin Islands (FIBA Americup 2017 in Argentina)

Monday, August 28th:   Ramapo (NCAA DIII from New Jersey) at Ottawa (Ottawa); Siena at Carleton (in Montreal at a location to be determined); St. Francis Brooklyn at McGill (7 PM in Montreal).  ALSO Canada Sr. Men’s vs. Argentina (FIBA Americup 2017 in Argentina)

Tuesday, August 29th:  Hofstra at UQAM (7 PM in Montreal); Siena at McGill (7 PM in Montreal); St. Francis Brooklyn at Concordia (7 PM in Montreal); ALSO Canada Sr. Men’s vs. Venezuela (FIBA Americup 2017 in Argentina)

Wednesday, August 30th:  Hofstra at Carleton (Scrimmage Only in Ottawa)

Thursday, August 31st:  Siena at Concordia (6 PM in Montreal); Hofstra vs. Bishop’s at Vanier College in Montreal (7:30 PM ET)

Friday, September 1st:  Hofstra at Concordia (7 PM in Montreal)

Saturday, September 2nd:  Hofstra at McGill (3 PM in Montreal)




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