U-Sports Top 2017-18 Freshmen Review

Our review of pre-season forecasts continues with the top freshmen in each conference.

AUS Pre-Season Forecast:  High-Impact:  6’4″ Keevan Veinot Dalhousie (Wolfville Horton High) ; 6’5″ Nikita Kasango Saint Mary’s (Champlain-St. Lambert); 6’3″ Jordan Brathwaite, Dalhousie (Milton Bishop Reding); 6’6″ Ibrahima Doumbouya, UNB (Calgary Pearson); 6’5″ Mason Middaugh, Acadia (London John Paul/RISE Prep).  Notes:  Both Veinot and Kasango are immediate impact players with bright futures on younger teams.  Brathwaite should also get strong, meaningful minutes while Doumbouya has fit into a deep, veteran roster and Middaugh flashes strong potential as a taller perimeter shooter…. Others to watch:  6’3″ Dakelle Brooks, UPEI (Cole Harbour Auburn Drive/SW Academy); 6’4″ Eli Kraucher, Acadia (Cole Harbour Auburn Drive); Vernelle Johnson UPEI (Halifax Grammar); 6’1″ Jaydan Smith (Halifax Citadel), St. FX; 5’11” Levi Smith, Cape Breton (Cole Harbour Auburn Drive); 5’11” Jason Thompson (Waterford Valley), Memorial; 6’1″ Moshe Wadley, UPEI (Toronto Emery, SOE Academy).

AUS Top Freshmen 2017-18:  At one point in the discussion for AUS MVP and AUS top freshman, Saint Mary’s 6’6″ Nikita Kasongo has been a key reason why Huskies have hardly skipped a beat this season after losing virtually their entire rotation from last season.  Kasongo remains one of the leading scorers in the conference at 19.2 ppg and despite a recent leveling off remains an All-Star candidate as a first-year player.  Others under consideration include Dalhousie’s 6’4″ Keevan Veinot, who also is likely to have a career with multiple All-Star awards before all is said and done, 6’7″ Ibrahima Doumbouya (UNB) who has starred off the bench for the V-Reds – the slick wing from Calgary has missed the past three games due to injury but is expected back this weekend – and underrated 6’1″ Moshe Wadley, part of the foundation of the improving UPEI Panthers.

RSEQ:  6’7″ Michael Hakizimana, Concordia (Thetford Academy); 6’3″ Jamal Mayali, McGill (Markham Bill Crothers); 6’4″ Sam Jenkins, McGill (Hamilton MacNab); 6’3″ Oge Nwoko, Concordia (Mississauga St. Joseph’s); 6’6″ Harvey Matou, Bishop’s (Paris, France/Thetford Academy); 6’0″ Alexandre Compres, UQAM (Montmorency).  Notes:  Hakizimana has the physical tools to be an impact wing/forward while the French import Matou has logged about 15-20 off the bench for Gaiters in the pre-season.  Mayali and Jenkins are both presently in McGill’s 9-10 man rotation.

Having started much of the second-half of the season, McGill’s 6’3″ Sam Jenkins grades out over the entire season as the most productive freshman in the conference, playing a supporting role primarily as a three-point shooter for first place McGill.  The Hamilton, ON native has averaged 6.5 ppg in about 14 mpg.  Not listed above but certainly worthy of consideration is Bishop’s 6’1″ Nervens Demosthene, who has helped Gaiters clinch their first RSEQ playoff spot in three seasons after joining the roster in early January.

OUA East:  High-Impact:  6’2″ Evan Shadkami, Toronto (Central Tech); 6’1″ Zubair Seyed, Ryerson (Cambridge St. Benedict).  Others:  6’6″ Prince Kamunga, York (Toronto College Francais); 6’7″ Connor Keefe, Queen’s (Halifax Grammar); 6’8″ Liam O’Leary-Orange, Ryerson (Toronto Michael Power-St. Joseph’s); 6’4″ Alex Muise, Ottawa (Allen H.S., Hammonds Plains, NS); 6’5″ Chase Tynes, Ottawa (Dartmouth Auburn Drive); 7’2″ Tanor Ngom, Ryerson (Dakar, Senegal); 6’4″ Will Spaulding, Carleton (Rothesay Netherwood);

Shadkami has emerged as a legitimate high-potential scorer with the Varsity Blues, averaging 10.1 ppg including several recent games with stretches that have helped Toronto clinch a playoff spot.  Injured for much of the first half, the freshman from Toronto’s Central Tech had a 20 point game in a comeback with at Nipissing and has averaged over 11 ppg in the second half.  Ottawa’s touted duo of 6’3″ Alex Muise and 6’5″ Chase Tynes have had limited minutes as part of a more veteran roster while 7’2″ Tanor Ngom remains a highly-intriguing project at Ryerson.  High potential 6’4″ shooter Will Spaulding has transferred to Saint Mary’s.

OUA West:  High-Impact:  6’6″ Jeff  Baradziej, Waterloo (Hamilton Cardinal Newman/Wasatch Academy); 6’1″ Ali Sow, Laurier (Ottawa Merivale); 6’6″ Godsman Kwakwah, Brock (Montreal Vanier).  Others to Watch:  6’9″ Emmanuel Chukwu, Guelph (Suffield Academy); 6’3″ Pedro Costa, Algoma (Portugal); 6’2″ Justin Malnerich, Waterloo (Cambridge St. Benedict’s); 6’2″ Kascius Small-Martin, Brock (Vaughan S.S.); 6’7″ Julian Walker, Western (Barrie Innisdale/Hill Academy); 6’5″ Rasheed Weekes, Guelph (Mississauga St. Martin’s).

One of the more explosive freshmen scorers to enter the OUA West in many seasons, 6’1″ Ali Sow had been terrific for the most part, averaging 16.0 ppg – 10th in OUA West & 14th in the entire conference – for the young but rapidly-improving Golden Hawks.  Primarily coming off the bench, Sow has had six 20+ point games including a career-high 31 points vs. first-place Brock while shooting 39% from three.  Sow has had only 4 non-double-digit regular season games all season.  Brock’s improving 6’2″ guard Kascius Small-Martin promises to be an impact player going forward after a solid contribution as a freshman on a veteran-laden team.

Canada West:  6’4″ Mason Bourcier, UBC (Kelowna S.S.); 6’0″ Don Dayrit, Winnipeg (Sisler); 6’4″ Sagar Dulay, Fraser Valley (Surrey Tamanawis); 6’7″ Mason Foreman, Calgary (Winnipeg/Orangeville Prep); 6’1″ Brayden Kuski, Regina (LeBoldus H.S.); 6’2″ Andrew Milner, Calgary (Antigonish, NS/Roethesay Netherwood, NB); 6’4″ Awak Piom, Lethbridge (Calgary Harry Ainlay); 6’10” Grant Shephard, UBC (Kelowna S.S./Monteverde Academy).

Once again my Canada West pre-season picks and current choices are not as educated as I would like however 6’4″ Mason Bourcier of UBC has started and averaged over 25 mpg (5 ppg) on a Nationals-contending team.  Others who have had solid numbers over the course of the year include 6’2″ Andrew Milner (Calgary/6.5 ppg in 17 mpg), 6’10” Grant Shepherd (UBC/ 8.8 ppg off the bench) and Lethbridge’s 6’4″ Awak Piom (7.3 ppg).



U-Sports 2017-18 Top Transfers Review

Recall that this past October, we did a series of pieces forecasting several categories of players including All-Canadians, top freshmen and transfers plus forecasts on the final regular season standings in the AUS, RSEQ and both OUA divisions.

Over the coming days, we will review our picks across all the categories with some commentary.  In this evening’s piece, we review our choices, good or otherwise, for top transfers (i.e. players not in their first year of eligibility who have transferred to a new program) as follows:

AUS (Original List):  6’8″ D’Adrian Allen UPEI (Southern U.); 6’4″ Martin Campbell, Cape Breton (University of DC/D2); 6’2″ Kevon Mascoe, Cape Breton (George Brown), 6’3″ Ozzy Omar (Options Academy); 6’2″ Indiana Rotondo, Cape Breton (Mars Hill U./D2); 6’2″ Nico Brauner, Saint Mary’s (Germany); 6’3″ Kaleel Faiz, Saint Mary’s (Olds College/CCAA).  

AUS Forecast Review:  ** In retrospect, 6’2″ Nico Brauner has proven to be the top transfer in the AUS this season, starting on one of the better teams in the conference and averaging 11.6 ppg including some big moments with game-winning shots.  Certainly Cape Breton’s Martin Campbell (20.7 ppg/2nd in AUS in scoring) deserves merit however Capers have won only two games all season and if victories and team success is used as one of the more important criteria (which we have chosen to do here), Brauner is the pick for AUS Transfer-of-the-Year.

RSEQ (Original List):  6’1″ Jonathan Koud, Concordia (Northwest Juco); 6’1″ Alex Paquin, McGill (American U./D1); 6’2″ Kevin Davis, Bishop’s (Baltimore/Columbia Bible College).  

RSEQ Forecast Review:  **6’1″ Alex Paquin has proven to be the top transfer in the Quebec League this season, helping to lead McGill to their 6th consecutive regular season crown.  The American U transfer is second in RSEQ scoring at 14.2 ppg, shooting 40% from three with just over 3 assists per game.  6’1″ Jonathan Koud has been solid for Concordia in the back-court, usually coming off the bench as a combo guard while Gaiters’ Davis has suffered through an injury-plagued season.

OUA East:  High Impact Transfers:  5’11” Jaz Bains, Queen’s (St. Lawrence-Kingston/OCAA); 6’0″ Minus Tutu, Carleton (Loyola Marymount); 5’11” Sean Stoqua, Ottawa (Acadia).  Others to watch:  6’1″ Chevy Brown, York (Toronto George Harvey/ASA College); 6’2″ Matt Elcock, Queen’s (Mohawk/OCAA); 6’3″ Quinton Gray Queen’s (Richmond Hill, ON/Missouri State/D2); 6’6″ Kenrick Hudson, York (Brampton, ON/College of Southern Idaho); 6’4″ Kenny Jean-Louis, Ottawa (Cape Breton); 6’5″ Nathan Culbreath, Ryerson (York) 6’3″ Jawara Pedican, Toronto (McGill); 6’2″ Josiah Riley, York (Brampton, ON/New Mexico Juco).

OUA East Forecast Review:  ** 5’11” Jaz Bains (19.3 ppg) and 5’11” Sean Stoqua (12.7 ppg) have both made meaningful contributions to their respective teams however Stoqua is likely lost for the season after sustaining a ACL tear last Friday at the Capital Hoops Classic.  6’0″ Munis Tutu has progressed as a high minutes guard at Carleton while 6’3″ Quinton Gray has displayed flashes of brilliance at Queen’s.  6’5″ Gianmarco Luciani, not mentioned in the above list, has somewhat quietly fashion a 11.1 ppg/4.7 rpg season and has improved in the second half as his strength and timing has returned after missing two entire seasons due to an ACL injury.

OUA West: High Impact Transfers:  6’3″ Miles Seward, McMaster (No. Colo., Saddleback Valley/D1-Juco); Others to Watch…   6’5″ Kemel Archer, Laurier (Brampton, ON/transfer Nipissing); 6’2″ Kareem Collins McMaster (Mohawk/OCAA); 5’9″ Lequan Cseri-Hylton, Lakehead (Mississauga, ON/Niagara College OCAA); 6’1″ Marcus Jones, Windsor (Brantford, ON/Gannon D2); 6’5″ Marko Kovac, Western (Windsor/Windsor Herman); 7’1″ Donald Mims, Brock (Sacramento, CA); 6’3″ Patrick Pilato, Brock (Victoria); 6’5″ DamiAnn Prehay, Western (transfer D2/Brampton, ON);  6’6″ Sasha Simic, McMaster (Vincennes D2); 6’3″ Telloy Simon, Windsor (Kitchener, ON/Missouri S&T D2); 6’1″ Henry Tan, Western (Lakehead/Vaughan S.S.).

OUA West Forecast Review:  ** 6’3″ Miles Seward grades out as the top transfer in the West, not only as one of the leading scorers in the entire conference at 19.9 ppg but his perimeter shooting has helped Marauders to one of the best records in the division in the second half of the season.  Laurier’s 6’5″ Kemel Archer has steadily improved while 6’5″ Marko Kovac and 6’1″ Henry Tan are key reasons why Western have clinched second spot in the division. 

Canada West:  6’2″ Jauquin Bennett-Boire, UBC (Saskatchewan); 6’4″ Anton Bilous, Thompson Rivers (Ukraine/Western Texas); 6’1″ Rashawn Browne, Manitoba (New Mexico St/California U of Pa./D1-D2); 6’6″ Shaquille Harris, Regina (Williston State);  6’4″ L.J. Hedgwood, Mount Royal (San Fran City College/Juco); 6’4″ Shawn Lathan, Regina (San Diego, CA/Saskatchewan); 6’3″ Mason Loewen, Victoria (Rockhurst University); 6’2″ Lucas Mannes Calgary, (Trinity Western); 6’2″ Kyle Peterson, Lethbridge (Victoria); 6’1″ J.T. Robinson, Saskatchewan (Vallejo, CA/College of Marin); 6’6″ Saren Westrop, Lethbridge (Harcum College/D2); 6’4″ Nolan Woodward, Alberta (Montreal/Gannon D2).

Admittedly, my Canada West knowledge is comparatively weaker than for the rest of the country and I am open to commentary from both of my readers.  With that caveat, I offer that 6’1″ Rashawn Browne, 6’3″ Mason Lowewn, 6’2″ Kyle Peterson and 6’2″ Lucas Mannes are in the discussion for top Canada West transfer this season. 

Gaiters clinch RSEQ playoff spot, keep 3rd place hopes alive, with victory at Laval

Bishop’s 80, Laval 74… Gaiters blew open a tight game early in the fourth quarter, amassing a double digit advantage and then later 6’5″ Abdul Kamane‘s three pointer with about 3 1/2 minutes remaining quell one final Laval run as Bishop’s clinch a playoff spot for the first time in three seasons with a gutty win in Ste. Foy.  Today’s game was re-scheduled from early January after inclement weather forced postponement.  Bishop’s (5-8) now sets their sights on third place Rouge et Or (6-6) with a return engagement this Tuesday night in Lennoxville.  Another Bishop’s keeps alive the chances of moving up another rung in the standings.  Information is courtesy of gaiters.ca – no statistics were available at press time.

RSEQ Standings (x-clinched first place; y-clinched playoff spot; z-eliminated)

x-McGill 11-2

y-Concordia 8-5

y-Laval 6-6

y-Bishop’s 5-8

z-UQAM 2-11


Golden Hawks romp at RIM Park to eliminate Gryphons

Laurier 75, Guelph 61… 6’1″ freshman Ali Sow had 17 of his game-high 20 points in the second half while 5’11” Tevaun Kokko added 19 as the Golden Hawks jumped out to an early 18-3 lead and Guelph never got closer than 13 throughout in a tidy victory in a game played at RIM Park in Kitchener.  Guelph, which is eliminated from the playoff race as a result of this afternoon’s loss, turned the ball over 7 times in the first 7 minutes of the game and could not recover to fall to 5-17, three games behind both Waterloo and McMaster with two games remaining.  The other two teams involved in this playoff race are McMaster and Algoma who meet in Hamilton next Friday and Saturday.  Thunderbirds need a sweep to catch both Mac and Waterloo.  It is conceivable that there could be a three-team tie for the final playoff spot; however Warriors can clinch a playoff spot with a victory this coming Wednesday night at Guelph.  Marauders need just one victory and they are in.

Elgadi’s 18 lead Brock on Senior’s Night

Brock 89, Lakehead 62… 6’7″ Dani Elgadi celebrated his Senior’s night with 18 points and 9 rebounds including making both of his threes as Badgers extended their OUA winning streak to 11 consecutive games in an easy win over the last-place Thunderwolves, sweeping the weekend series.  Badgers complete their regular season at second-place Western on Wednesday night and then next Saturday night in Windsor against third-place Lancers in games that are important in the event that a wild card discussion involving the Badgers were to ensue.  Elgadi is one of the most decorated players in Brock history, sitting 5th overall in the program in scoring and 3rd in rebounding.

Varsity Blues rally from 26 point deficit to clinch OUA East playoff spot

Toronto 80, York 75… After digging a 58-32 hole with just 4 minutes remaining in the third quarter, Varsity used a 14-0 run near the end of third quarter to get the game back to manageable and then took advantage of 13 fouls called against the Lions in the 4th quarter alone to finally take the lead on an “and 1″ by 6’3” Reilly Reid at 72-70 with just a minute and a half to play in a stunning comeback at Tait McKenzie last night.  Lions were in complete control, holding Toronto to just 26% shooting and getting a spectacular effort from 6’3″ Gene Spagnuolo who finished with a career-high 28 points on 6-8 from three, playing just 26 minutes due to foul trouble.  But 6’3″ freshman Evan Shadkami had 9 of his 11 points during the initial 14-0 run at the end of the third and Blues made 29 of 31 free throws in the second half alone to claim the win.  York missed 12 of their final 16 shots in the game.  Toronto’s win combined with Nipissing’s loss at home to Ottawa clinched a playoff spot for John Campbell‘s Blues.  In fact, Varsity (11-10) can finish as high as fifth given Blues own the tie-breaker with Queen’s (also 11-10).

Ottawa 85, Nipissing 60… Gee-Gees pulled away late in the third quarter as 6’9″ Jean Pierre-Charles had a dominant stretch inside (15 points, 9 rebounds, 7-11 shooting) while 6’4″ Brandon Robinson and 6’4″ Gage Sabean combined to go 8 for 16 from three-point land.  Ottawa out-rebounded the Lakers 41-29 and committed just 9 turnovers all night in a tidy, defensive-driven road win.  Lakers had the game at down just three at 47-44 late in the third when Robinson banged home a three from the top of the bowl and later Pierre-Charles had back-to-back “and 1’s”, one on a twisting post move inside and the second on a straight line take to the rim from the foul line.  The 17-4 run gave Ottawa a 16 point lead by early in the fourth.  Nipissing shot just 5-18 (28%) from three and 37% for the game.  With the loss and U of T’s win at York, Lakers were officially eliminated from the OUA East playoffs.

Carleton 101, Laurentian 60… Ravens jumped out to a 37-12 lead by early in the second quarter in a dominant effort in Sudbury to further put a crimp on Voyageurs hopes for a second place finish in the OUA East.  Ravens forced 18 first-half turnovers and held 6’2″ Kadre Gray to just 6 points before the spectacular guard turned his ankle and did not play in the second half.  Ravens pounded it inside to 6’9 1/2″ Eddie Ekiyor who had all of his 16 points before halftime and later 6’11” Cam Smythe who finished with 12 points and 8 rebounds including 6 on the offensive glass against the smallish Vees front line. Once again, 6’3″ Marcus Anderson showed off his tremendous defensive skills, especially while Gray was still in the game.  Gray finished with 6 points and 5 turnovers in 14 minutes.  Laurentian travels to downtown Toronto next weekend to complete their regular season with games at U of T Varsity Blues and then Saturday’s finale at Ryerson with second-place likely to be on the line.

Ryerson 86, Queen’s 78… Rams took the lead for good midway through the second quarter on a personal 8-2 run by 6’0″ Roshane Roberts, the ex-Gael, later building leads of as much as 16 to hold off Queen’s in Kingston.  Roberts finished with 12 points on 3-6 from downtown including a second half three to push the lead to double digits.  Still, Gaels fought back to get the game to within 5 twice late in the fourth, led by the solid work of 6’6″ Tanner Graham (22 points, 8 rebounds and credit for 9 blocked shots).  But Rams were equal to it, getting another solid 20 point effort from 6’5″ Manny Diressa and a solid 14 points, 11 rebound double double from unheralded 6’5″ Filip Vujadinovic.  Rams played without starting 6’8″ center Adam Voll last night.  With last night’s loss, Queen’s now sits in sixth place in the division, tied with Toronto however the Blues will win any tiebreaker scenario by virtue of a pair of wins over the Gaels.  Queen’s travels to Ottawa next weekend to meet the Gee-Gees and #1 Carleton to complete their season.

OUA East Standings x-clinched first; z-eliminated from playoffs

x-Carleton 21-0

Laurentian 16-5

Ottawa 15-6

Ryerson 15-6

Toronto 11-10

Queen’s 11-10

z-Nipissing 8-13

z-York 2-19

Redmen leave little doubt in clinching 6th consecutive RSEQ regular season pennant

McGill 86, Concordia 63…  Taking over early in the second quarter with solid full court pressure and tight quarter court “d”, Redmen clinched their sixth consecutive Quebec league regular season title with a comfortable road victory at the BeeHive in Montreal.  While both teams started on fire early, McGill’s depth was on display very shortly thereafter as the veteran Redmen made six of their first 13 threes including a stretch of four in a row to build a double digit lead early in the second, using full court pressure to create turnovers and speed up Concordia.  Stingers did get it as close as 12 with about 7 minutes remaining in the fourth but McGill completely locked up ConU defensively from that point onward and ran away with a 12-1 run holding Concordia without a field goal for six minutes.  6’1″ fourth year guard Alex Paquin generally got to where ever he wanted to on the floor for the most part, slashing to the rim for several finishes, finding open teammates slicing to the rim and even knocking down three long 3’s to lead all scorers with 23 points, adding 7 assists.  Redmen had 16 assists on their first 21 field goals in a solid display of fundamental, team-oriented offensive basketball, shooting 52.3% for the game from the floor.  6’2″ Dele Ogundokun, one of several McGill fifth-year seniors playing their final game of their careers at the BeeHive, added 13 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists and 5 steals as Redmen created 19 Concordia turnovers.  6’1″ Ricardo Monge led Stingers with 14 points on just 4-18 shooting as McGill held the Stingers to just 31% from the floor.  Stingers now are in a battle for second place with Laval and the home RSEQ semi-final game that goes to the higher finisher.

RSEQ Standings (x = clinched first place; y = clinched playoff spot)

x-McGill 11-2

y-Concordia 8-5

y-Laval 6-5

Bishop’s 4-8

UQAM 2-11

Impressive transition game, Quiring lead Marauders to home win over Western

McMaster 94, Western 82… Rapidly making a case for being considered one of the best teams of the second half of this season, Marauders broke open a tight game midway through the second quarter and later built leads as large as 21 in the third in an impressive win against second-place Western.  From the beginning of the season, it was clear that first-year Mac Coach Patrick Tatham wanted to play fast and score in transition.  This afternoon, especially early, may have been the smoothest illustration of how PT wants to play as Mac successfully pushed the pace, getting 6’3″ Danylo Kostecki open for three first half makes from downtown and, later, several easy takes to the rim by 6’2″ Kareem Collins and 6’8″ Matt Quiring off early offense pick-and-rolls.  Marauders are sharing the ball and for the most part making good decisions with passing and shot selection and are rapidly showing they can play with any team in the division.  6’2″ David McCulloch continues to be McMaster’s veteran go-to decision maker; he had 17 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists today.  Western struggled behind the arc, missing their first 11 threes and making just one of their first 15 from downtown before a flurry of late makes got them to 4-21 for the game.  Mustangs were not as sharp in the quarter court defensively as they have been at times this season and offensively continue to play small for the most part, effective when 6’4″ Marko Kovac slides to the five and Mustangs find the most favorable match-up to attack.  Kovac had 19 to lead Western and he has stretched his offensive game from being a pure spot-up three point shooter to including a nice post-up game plus an ability to attack bigger guys off the dribble.  6’2″ Henry Tan has always been able to attack the rim – he had 17 this afternoon but Western simply had a tough time stopping Mac consistently and had their five game winning streak snapped this afternoon.  Still Mustangs are entrenched in second spot in the division.

OUA West Standings

Brock 19-2 tonight at home vs. Lakehead

Western 14-8

Windsor 10-11 tonight at Algoma

Laurier 9-12 tomorrow vs. Guelph at RIM Park in Waterloo

McMaster 8-14

Waterloo 8-14

Algoma 6-15  tonight home vs. Windsor

Guelph 5-16 tomorrow vs. Laurier at RIM Park

Lakehead 2-19 at Brock tonight


Huskies win last possession thriller; Bisons advance

Canada West quarter-finals are all set after last night’s pair of tight affairs in which both home teams held off late rallies to advance.  In Saskatoon, 5’10” fifth-year guard Alex Unruh, the home-town boy, kept his career going with a last possession “and 1″ to lift Saskatchewan, playing without 6’6” impact post Joseph Barker, to an 82-80 win over UVictoria Vikes.  Unruh led the way with 24 points in what is probably the final home game of his career as Vikes did a solid job on 6’3″ Lawrence Moore who finished just 6 for 18 from the floor including 0-7 from three and just 13 points before fouling out.  Fellow U.S. import J.T. Robinson had 10 points on 4-19 shooting as Vikes had a chance to pull out the upset but could not close as Jason Scully‘s “good look” at a game-winning three at the buzzer came off.  Huskies now advance to a Best-of-3 Canada West quarter-final series at #2 ranked Calgary.

In Winnipeg, Bisons got another superlative effort from 6’3″ Justus Alleyn in a character 82-76 win over Brandon as the fifth-year senior, likely playing his last home game, had 20 of his 31 points in the third quarter.  6’7″ Cameron O’Hara, a freshman who has seen much more time after Bisons lost 6’7″ fifth-year post Joey Nitychoruk to a shoulder injury, was named Player-of-the-Game after a gutty 13-point, 13-rebound effort.  Manitoba advances to a Canada West quarter-final series in Vancouver against UBC Thunderbirds, eager for revenge after last season’s two-game quarter-final playoff sweep – also at home at War Memorial Gym – at the hands of the Bisons.

Other quarter-final series include Regina at Lethbridge and UNBC Timberwolves at Alberta.

Canada West Quarter-Finals Summary and Schedule

#11 UNBC at #1 Alberta:  Friday at 3 PM MT/5 PM ET; Saturday at 2 PM MT/4 PM ET and Sunday (if necessary) at 1 PM MT/3 PM ET.

#8 Saskatchewan at #2 Calgary:  Friday at 8 PM MT/10 PM ET; Saturday at 7 PM MT/9 PM ET and Sunday (if necessary) at 3 PM MT/5 PM ET.

#7 Manitoba at #3 UBC:  Thursday at 4 PM PT/7 PM ET; Friday at 4 PM PT/7 PM ET and Saturday (if necessary) at 3 PM PT/6 PM ET.

#5 Regina at #4 Lethbridge:  Thursday at 7 PM MT/9 PM ET; Friday at 7 PM MT/9 PM ET and Saturday (if necessary) 7 PM MT/9 PM ET.


OUA West: Warriors break losing streak, improve playoff chances with win over Guelph

Waterloo 87, Guelph 76… Warriors pulled away in the second half to break a five-game losing streak and solidify their playoff position with a home victory over the Gryphs, now in danger of missing the post-season.  Waterloo held Guelph to just one field goal in the first four minutes of the fourth quarter, coming back from one point down with an 8-0 run led by 6’6″ Nedim Hodzic, who had 11 of his game-high 31 points in the final frame, adding 16 rebounds in another dominant offensive performance.  6’3″ Jonathan Wallace had 10 of his 18 points in consecutive fashion in the third quarter when Guelph led by as many as 5 but Warriors were able to gut it out defensively down the stretch to move back into fifth spot in the conference at 8-14.  With the loss, Guelph now trails both the Warriors and McMaster by two games in the loss column with just three to play.  Gryphs get set to meet Laurier Golden Hawks on Sunday afternoon at RIM Park.

Algoma 104, Windsor 84… Thunderbirds shot a ridiculous 14 for 19 from three in the first half alone and 19-3 for the game in a dominant home effort against the Lancers in the first of two this weekend in Sault Ste. Marie.  Algoma trails both Waterloo and McMaster by one game in the loss column in the battle for the final OUA West playoff spot.  6’1″ Ian Nash had 27 points to lead Algoma.

Brock 91, Lakehead 87… 5’11” Tyler Brown rescued the Badgers late with a driving lay-in and a miraculous put-back and later fed 6’7″ Cassidy Ryan for the clinching bucket as Brock remained undefeated after the holidays with a tougher-than-expected win at home over last-place Lakehead.  Thunderwolves led this game by two at 84-82 with just two minutes remaining after a three by 6’3″ Nahshown Hurst and the game was tied in the waning moments when Brown came up with a hustle play, converting an offensive rebound that energized the Brock bench and crowd.  Ryan finished with 26 points on 12-23 shooting while Brown was solid with 12 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists against just 2 turnovers. Badgers host Lakehead again tonight in their final regular season home game.